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Several translated versions of Megatokyo are available online. Some of them are

Most of these are centrally hosted on, which also is a mirror of the original English version. is based on a set of PHP scripts called MegaLettering that semi-automatically changes text in balloons with translations taken from a database, with no need to fiddle with image editing programs, thus reducing work needed to translate the comic. Translators for new languages are always welcome and encouraged to write to Lapo Luchini.

There was also a japanese translation (stopped at strip 20) hosted on, but the pages were not moved to the new Megatokyo server.[1]


German manga publisher Eidalon published German translations of Megatokyo 1 (October 2004), Megatokyo 2 (March 2005) and Megatokyo 3 (December 2005). They are based on the translations from the site mentioned above, namely made by [Lemmy], Stefan, DarkSpir, Akito and Denmaru. Publisher of the German editions is Stefan Heitzmann.

Italian and Polish translations of the first two books are also available. The Italian is from Free Books and is also based on the translation from the site mentioned above, while the Polish is made entirely by Mandragora.

A Japanese translation by Kodansha was announced in July 2007.[2] It was released in May 2009 in the Kodansha Box publishing line.


  1. See also this forum thread for more informations.
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