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First seen in strip 698.

Waltah works at the Cave of Evil, at least tending bar. His efforts on Miho's behalf to her guest Kimiko seem to go beyond simple service to a guest of the Cave of Evil, but closer to a butler role and has led to intense fan speculation.

The name Waltah is a strong reference to a character of the same name in the anime Wikipedia:Hellsing. That Walter serves as a butler, weapon maker and occasionally agent in killing undead.

It is such parallels to Hellsing that imply Waltah is a butler and more to Miho and the Tohya family. He is aware of Miho's recent activities 1031 which implies he knows how Miho rescued Kimiko in 1001 and his comment the dead cannot be stopped demonstrates Miho's link to the concurrent Zombie Invasion.

Relations with other characters

Co-worker at the Cave of Evil. He calls her Miss and Tohya, which doesn't remove ambiguity in their relationship. First shown together in Strip 698
Served him whiskey. First shown together in Strip 698
Made her welcome as a guest and later altered Miho's clothes for her. First shown together in Strip 1031.
Co-worker at the Cave of Evil. Presumably included in Kenji's plural in Strip 698 "We worry a lot about her around here."
Although never shown, it is possible they had met when Ping has stayed with Miho, such as Strip 298.