What is Megatokyo all about?

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According to Fred Gallagher, "… the main theme of Megatokyo is how everyone has different perceptions of the world around them …" (Megatokyo 5: Readers_guide_intro.txt, pg.226) The theme above gives us a basic premise that is important to keep in mind when reading and analyzing Megatokyo, its characters and storyline. While the Megatokyo characters are based in part on stereotypes (the introvert, the gamer, otaku), they are complex and defy simple categorization. For example, Fred gave this clue about the inner workings of Megatokyo—specifically:

"You folks have a tendency to think that just because something exists in piro's world it's solid and real. Just like Largo's world, it might or might not be. For all you know, Kimiko could be a fantasy, while Largo's zombies could be real. You gotta admit, there is something odd about Piro's world, don't you think?"

Essentially, Megatokyo is Fred's canvas—the characters are all various colors he uses to express his thoughts on life, love, self image, fear, reality, risk, redemption, humor and fun just to name a few. In its first 5 months, Megatokyo evolved from a basic webcomic with a punchline on every page to a persistent world where life isn't always funny. While this change was quite controversial at the time, Fred stuck to his guns and began building Megatokyo as we know it today. Much like the change in artwork over the years, Fred's characters have grown and changed as he has developed the story.

Perception and Perspective

In general, Megatokyo characters are one of two perception types; let's call them normal and paranormal. Normal characters (e.g., Piro, Kimiko, Erika) and support/minor characters (e.g., Yanagisawa, the general public) simply do not see the various mind-bending features of the world of the paranormal. Whether they don't notice or they refuse to admit the existence of rent-a-zillas, zombies or gun-toting maniacs, normal characters just go about their daily routine. Paranormal characters (e.g., Largo, Miho, Ping, Yuki) see many if not all of these aberrations while continuing to live along side normal characters, no doubt being thought of by them as "weird".

The main characters in Megatokyo typically straddle the line between these perception types to one degree or another- Piro in particular refuses to believe in Largo's world, yet he talks with his "conscience" Seraphim on a regular basis. Others like Kimiko have "powers" (persuasion) they don't realize, but they can possibly "cross over" with help from a paranormal making them look at the world in a different way- as Miho did to Kimiko.