Cultural references

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An important part of Megatokyo is the concept of Perspective. And one of the important clues in perspective is the references that establish size, distance and mass as part of the picture. The Megatokyo concept of perspective, first established in a Naze Nani strip shows that the exact same scene seen by two different people can be two totally different worlds.

All the main characters have different perspectives, many of which arise from different cultural references.

For the fun of the reader, there are also little easter eggs of cultural reference. Examples are

The extras not part of the regular Megatokyo story also contain references:

All the cultural references help create a new cultural landscape for MT as a new universe, much as Suzumiya Haruhi creates her universe out of her desires, the MT universe is created in the differences and unities in perspective of the characters and the fanbase, so Fred has made a new universe of co-dependent androids, rental monster lizards, tourist visas granted on the basis of video game proficiency, and the combination of anger, angst and b33r in each of the protagonists.