In search of lost wings

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in search of lost wings (失われた翼を捜して, ushinawareta tsubasa wo sagashite) is a series of 5 DPDs, each of which displays one of the main female characters. As the name suggests, the theme of the images is wings, and it is believed that each character's wings symbolizes their personality.

Shortly after the release of the fourth DPD in this series, a thread was started to analyze the significance of each of the images, with emphasis on how the separate images relate to one another as a whole. This thread (entitled "'In Search of Lost Wings' - In Depth Analysis") goes into extreme detail and would provide much insight into the series for those who may wish to find out more from the readers' perspective.

List of strips

346 - DPD: broken miho (391 - DPD: Broken Miho color preview)
365 - DPD: Grey Erika
370 - DPD: Kimiko
401 - DPD: small feathers
431 - DPD: glancing upwards

Discussion threads