Kobayashi Ririka

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First seen in strip 1026.

Kobayashi Ririka is a nurse. She works at the hospital where one of her sons, Yutaka, recovers after he was injured by Yuki falling on him. There are also sons, though the exact number is unknown. She knows Yuki's mother Meimi well enough to talk about her worry for her son.

Her relationship with the character depicted in the last panel of 487, if any, is not known at this time. Kobayashi is one of the most common Japanese surnames.

It is believed her name (and occupation) is a reference to the manga and anime Nurse Angel Ririka. Such a link encourages fan speculation that she might be a (retired) Magical Girl, too, like her friend Meimi. Ririka displays the Genki optimism and childish language of the trope The Ditz, which is in keeping with a retired Nurse Angel Ririka.

Relations with other characters

Her younger son. "<Of all her boys, you were the last one she's ever worried about.>", Strip 1029.
Kobayashi Seiya
Her older son, shown in 1311.
Kobayashi Kyouske
Mentioned in 1297 to be Yutaka's father. No other references.
Friend and fellow mother of teenagers.
They know each other through Ririka's son Yutaka and also Yuki's mother Meimi, but not too well. Their conversation is respectful, but not close. Yuki is still Sonoda-san, not Yuki-chan, which contrasts with Meimi's familiarity with Yutaka-kun.