Endgames: Disabled

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Endgames: Disabled is an 8-page comic strip set in the world of Endgames, published in print as part of Megatokyo 3.

Unlike other Megatokyo material, it has not been published online, except for a few single images—a picture of Largo, a picture of Pirogoeth (from Fredart), and previews in strip 634 and 640.

Phydeaux has summarized and analyzed the comic in a post on the Megatokyo forums.

As with Endgames: Presence, Disabled occurs at some point between the in-game meeting of Largo and Pirogoeth and their battle against Miho's Necromancer avatar. In Disabled, the two visit a town containing several characters played by Miho. Their attempts to influence Largo and Pirogoeth fail miserably; whether this was the only attempt by Miho to use her cheat techniques against them or not is unknown.