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Endgames, originally known as Megawinter Nights, was the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) played by Piro, Largo and Miho a few years ago. Although the game itself is fictitious, it owes much of its inspiration to Neverwinter Nights, an RPG created by BioWare.

Like many MMORPGs, Endgames is set in a Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy world. So far within that world we know of at least three character classes: fighter, spellcaster, and necromancer. In episode 851, it is implied that characters can progress in multiple classes simultaneously.

Largo took on the role of a standard fighter with his name, Largo. This character fit him well, a strong character that jumps into battle at a moments notice. He carried a great sword and wore heavy armor. It's also been rumored that his character was a paladin.

Piro took on the role of a female spellcaster, Pirogoeth. Pirogoeth seemed to display the abilities of a wizard with the casting of fire spells. In Endgames: Disabled she also attempted a spell to turn Largo into mashed flesh, but her magic was not working. Pirogoeth prefered her spells but carried a small sword as a backup weapon.

Miho played a male fighter/necromancer, Moh. Since his name was not known at first, a debate in the Story Discussion Forum started; fans have called him "Niho" (a variant on Miho's name) and "Nanashi" (Japanese for "nameless").

Endgames has a unique emotion system. All player characters have a number of hidden emotional attributes, which influence the actions of said characters. This is possible due to the limited control players have over their characters, which also means that characters continue to live their lives even when the player is not logged in.

Necromancers have powers over the undead and can call them to do their bidding. Using Endgames' hidden character emotion system, Miho was able to alter other player character stats and could then command those characters. However, when Miho attempted this with Largo and Pirogoeth she failed. Largo's character was completely unaffected by the hidden emotion statistics, while Piro was able to work the system so adeptly that Miho's character actually statistically cared for Pirogoeth. By "cheating" this way, Miho caused the entire east coast Endgames server cluster to crash.

Dom and Ed have possibly also played it; at least there is a strip showing them in an Endgames setting.

In the online comic Megatokyo, the main characters have flashbacks to their time in Endgames. It would seem that many events going on now are a result of Piro and Largo's actions against Miho in the game. In the Megatokyo books 2 and 3, Fred gives us a better look into the Endgames universe with a short story titled Endgames: Presence and an amusing 8-page comic called Endgames: Disabled. He's also stated that these "gameworlds" bits were important, as it could also explain more of the characters to us. However despite this we still know very few facts about what happened in Endgames.

Fred started working on an Endgames doujin, see Endgames Doujin Preview.

He is also trying e-book digital publication with Endgames: Behind the Masque for the Kindle.