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First seen in strip 185.

Moh is the character played by Miho in Endgames. (Before the name was revealed fans had called the character Niho.)

Although Miho is female, Moh is a male character. Moh is widely considered to be an evil character. Though initially allied with Pirogoeth and Largo, duplicity on the part of Moh caused him to ultimately become an enemy.

It appears Miho was already experienced in running characters in Endgames prior to the introduction of Moh, with Miho's ribbons implying her manipulation of the townsfolk in Endgames: Disabled. The pair's resistence to her actions at that time probably engaged her interest enough to introduce Moh into their party. Moh campaigned with them for some time before he attempted a new, subtler attack on Pirogoeth which met with success. All this time, Moh wore thumbrings, but not the hair ribbons.

With Pirogoeth weakened, Moh's ribbons make their appearance and Moh engages directly in battle with Largo.

Relations with other characters

plays Moh in Endgames
defeated Moh
helped Pirogoeth defeat Moh