Miho's ribbons

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Miho's Ribbons are a characteristic element of Miho's representation. She is frequently seen wearing them in a unique style, twining around her hair on both sides of her face, but then combining into a bow at her back. They were in place on our first meeting of Miho. It's a complicated style that looks similar to something in Piro's sketchbook and it is difficult replicate in real life, as cosplayers have been chagrined to discover.

When tied correctly, the two far ends come together into a bow on her back, but Miho has untied the ends, allowing them to dangle free.

She has been seen without the ribbons on occasion, such as when playing computer games with Ping or prior to visiting public baths, although they're in place soon after. She also has them fall out when Ping accidentally dropped her. That there are two separate ribbons can be seen in strip 795, one on the table and one under her head.

Miho was seen wearing these ribbons in Yuki's flashback, from prior to having her hair hacked mercilessly short.

The ribbons have been used in Endgames on Miho's avatar Moh and also in Endgames: Disabled to imply Miho's manipulation of multiple townsfolk.