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unMod is the omake that ends chapter 8. It consists of 9 strips from between March 8 and March 28, 2007, but it was extended for the publication in Megatokyo 6. Fred described it as a cyberpunk story.

Its characters include Captain Sonoda Masamichi, North West Pacific Rim (NWPR) Metropolitan Police Modification Regulation and Enforcement Division head, MRED field operatives "Piroko" and "Largo," and a "heavily modded vigilante" who resembles Yuki.

In a forum post, Fred revealed the identities of each of the modded girls in panel two of strip 974. They are, from left to right: Junko's friend with bushy pigtails as a mermaid, Mami as a foxgirl, Megumi as a catgirl with black ears, Asako as a teddybear, and Junko as a bunnygirl.

List of strips

Date Strip Title (strip list) Title (in the strip) Notes
2007-03-08 973 [Omake Theater : unMod] 01 - start talking UNM:01
2010-05-04 1268 unMod Omake: scheduled previews [new page 1.5] UNM:01.5 (notes)
2007-03-12 974 [Omake Theater : unMod] 02 - weren't they good enough? UNM:02 (notes)
2007-03-15 975 [Omake Theater : unMod] 03 - why did you do that? UNM:03
2007-03-17 976 [Omake Theater : unMod] 04 - stop it! UMD:04
2007-03-19 977 [Omake Theater : unMod] 05 - stop this! UMD:05
2007-03-21 978 [Omake Theater : unMod] 06 - weaker than expected UMD:06 (notes)
2007-03-23 979 [Omake Theater : unMod] 07 - i could have... UMD:07
2007-03-26 980 [Omake Theater : unMod] 08 - sharp pointy things UMD:08
2007-03-28 981 [Omake Theater : unMod] 09 - ignorance of flight UMD:09 (end) (notes)

One OSE shows Piroko and Largo from the UnMod omake playing the sim game Megatokyo:0v3rl04d.

Date Strip Title (strip list) Title (in the strip) Notes
2007-11-27 1068 Recap Episode: Itz 5howtim3! OSE:55 (notes)

Two DPD strips also show Piroko.

Date Strip Title (strip list) Title (in the strip) Notes
2010-06-03 1269 A.F.K. [END] D.P.D. DPD:114 (notes)
2010-10-20 1288 DPD: blown_covrrr DPD:115 (notes)