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This overview is intended to very quickly outline the plot of Megatokyo. It is by no means complete; in a comic as nuanced as Megatokyo, there really is no substitute for reading every strip.

Chapter 0

See Chapter 0 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

When a disgruntled, drunk Largo flashes the attendees of the E3 gaming convention, Piro decides that it'd be best to get away for a while and "convinces" Largo to get on a plane to Tokyo. Largo, who doesn't have a passport, is forced to face Junpei in Mortal Kombat, and wins. Once there, they go on a shopping spree and max out their credit cards, leaving them stranded in Tokyo. Piro calls on his friend Tsubasa, who allows them to stay in his one-room apartment. The three of them go to the Tokyo Game Show, where Erika breaks Largo's arm, and then to an Anna Miller's, where Kimiko nails Piro with a pot of coffee. Piro and Largo spend some six weeks playing games in Tsubasa's apartment. Tsubasa eventually runs out of money, prompting Largo to blackmail Dom and Ed into loaning them enough for two plane tickets, but Piro and Largo waste it on more games.

Disturbed by this, Piro heads into Tokyo and visits a bookstore. A group of high-school girls—Yuki, Mami and Asako—catch him in the shoujo manga section, and he leaves in a hurry, accidentally forgetting his bag. Piro briefly considers pursuing a romance with Yuki, but his conscience Seraphim appears and chides him for it. Yuki takes the bag home and looks through Piro's sketchbook; she falls in love with his art and tries in vain to contact him. Piro heads home, realizes he lost his bag, and heads back into the city to find it.

After spending all night looking for the bookstore, Piro finally gives up and heads to a train station. He spends the last of his money on a railcard, but sees a frantic woman—Kimiko—who is late and doesn't have one. Piro gives her his railcard and begins the long walk home.

Junpei, whose apartment is next door to Tsubasa's, runs into Largo and becomes the "l33t Master"'s apprentice. Largo later gets a conscience in the form of Boo, but a series of miscommunications lead to Largo exploring the sewers of Tokyo and finding the Necrowombicon. Soon after, Miho appears. Largo, convinced that she is some sort of vampire, pursues her through Tokyo. He finally ends up attacking the Cave of Evil nightclub and is arrested; Miho intentionally mis-translates for the arresting officers, getting them to throw Largo in jail. Junpei breaks him out with a Rent-A-Zilla.

Piro is shopping for a new sketchbook at MegaGamers when he spots Yuki. Afraid of a confrontation, he ducks behind the counter; Erika jumps on the opportunity and gets Yanagisawa to hire him. Yuki comes to the counter, recognizes him, and bolts.

Tsubasa runs into Piro and introduces him to Ping before heading back to the apartment. Kimiko comes by to pick up Erika; as she's leaving, she seems to recognize Piro. Piro and Largo head back to Tsubasa's apartment—but find it empty save their few belongings, Ping, and a note explaining that Tsubasa has gone to America. The three of them are forced onto the streets of Tokyo for the night.

Chapter 1

See Chapter 1 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Piro leaves Largo in charge of Ping while he's at work. Largo, who can't understand the Japanese-speaking robot, snubs her, triggering a bug in her programming; she starts chasing him around Tokyo with a telephone pole. Largo encounters Miho and tails her to Shiritsu Daitou High School, where he is mistaken for the new English teacher. He takes over Miho's English class, proclaiming himself to be "Great Teacher Largo" and impressing the students. When Ping sees the same school, her software switches her into schoolgirl mode; she steals a uniform and arrives in Largo's class. Largo, feeling trapped between Miho and Ping, jumps out a window, hurting his leg.

When she hears that Piro and Largo spent the night in the park, Erika pressures Yanagisawa into letting them live in MegaGamers's third-story storeroom. Yuki, having stayed home from school, goes to MegaGamers and returns Piro's bag to him. She becomes angry at his self-deprecating reference to his drawings, but is startled when Mami and Asako appear. She quickly leaves with them, and Piro is surprised to find that she wrote on every page of his sketchbook.

Largo ends up at the 1¥ Arcade. Miho and Ping soon arrive; Miho challenges Largo to a game, making Ping her champion. At the advice of L33t D00d, Largo chooses the game Mosh Mosh Revolution. Despite her unfamiliarity with the game, Ping and Largo are evenly matched until Ping runs out of power. Simultaneously, Largo's leg gives out; he destroys the Mosh Mosh Revolution machine, tripping a circuit breaker and causing a small riot.

Piro arrives in the midst of this chaos. Miho encounters him, mentioning his name and telling him that she'll pick up Ping for school, then leaves. Piro and Largo haul Ping back to their new apartment; Ping kicks them out and changes out of her school uniform, then starts clenaing the apartment. Kimiko, who took a late shift at Anna Miller's, decides to bring Piro dinner—but Ping answers the door in nothing but a boy's shirt, giving her the wrong idea about Piro. She gives him the two dinners and leaves quickly. As they eat, Largo reflects on where he knows Miho from, and Piro daydreams about Kimiko.

The chapter closes with Ed, Dom, and a tiny bat-winged man—Asmodeus—on a ship bound for Tokyo.

Chapter 2

See Chapter 2 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Miho arrives early at the boy's new apartment to fetch Ping for school. Kimiko prepares Erika for a new cosplay outfit.

The high school still needs an English teacher and Junpei is hired as the messenger. Largo had started the morning with an inventory and was in the middle of dumpster diving when Junpei carries him off. The pair meet Miho on their way in. Class is interrupted by Miho's collapse in a girl's bathroom. Junpei and Ping deliver her to the nurse's office where Ping learns some of Miho's health history.

Kimiko auditions for Kotone and she leaves, believing she's being rejected, to go home to change before meeting Erika at MegaGamers.

Yuki spent the morning dodging her friends' questions, and inquiries from Dom and Ed, before going directly to MegaGamers after school, to ask Piro for drawing lessons. Embarassed from earlier misunderstandings and with Kimiko again witnessing him talking to school girls, Piro tries to decline, but Erika convinces him otherwise.

Dom and Ed arrive at the High School, where Ed makes his first attempt to claim the bounty on Ping, with earthshaking consequences. Much of this story is explained later by Largo. Instead we hear a soliloquy by Miho on Ping's friendship and a invitation to her place.

Erika gives Kimiko a pep talk and advice before changing out of her cosplay outfit as Largo arrives, freshly paid and ready for fun. Piro tries to translate introductions between Largo and Kimiko, much to Erika's amusement. To everyone's surprise, Erika invites all three to the Sea of Illumination. Erika allows Largo to rant about Zombies. Meanwhile, Piro and Kimiko's conversation doesn't fare as well, with Kimiko making accusations and rudely returning his railcard. Erika and Largo are left to carry them home.

The chapter closes with the discovery that Largo kept the phone Miho had dropped on her collapse and Ping dials the number to report home. As Piro's consciences debate his progress, things escalate into a duel, cut short by perceptive tactics on Seraphim's part.

Chapter 3

See Chapter 3 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Yuki stops by to remind Piro of their drawing lesson later and Ping indignantly explains the faults of Piro-nisan. Largo starts his day bot-camping the sewers. Kimiko starts off the day with a hangover while Erika isn't at her most sympathetic. As Erika stops for coffee, she eavesdrops on Miho and Ping then discovers Largo deploying ph43rb0ts. Dom and Ed arrive at MegaGamers to talk with Piro, and are unable to handle Junpei, who has arrived to fetch Great Teacher Largo again. Erika's arrival generates surprise, too.

Largo takes his class on a field trip to the 1 Yen Arcade. Miho challenges Largo to a game of Super Moe-Moe Ball. Largo is aided by L33t D00d, but he fails to counter Miho's superior strategy. The field trip ends with Largo's arrest by the TPCD.

After Erika happens to tell Piro about Kimiko's audition and waitressing job, he decides to visit her at Anna Miller's. His arrival is unsettling to Kimiko while unnoticed by this pair, Ping helps a weak Miho to a booth, providing an excellent view of Kimiko accidentally pouring coffee on Piro. As each attempts to take blame over the objections of the other, the manager decides to send Kimiko home. Kimiko receives a phone call, telling her she's hired for the part of Kotone whereupon Piro gives her his sketch of the character.

Largo's arrest is interrupted by Gameru on a drunken rampage. Ping, abandoned by Miho, wanders near enough to Largo to become involved. Gameru directly insults Ping's hair. She manages to send him away, incidentally taking out Ed, before her batteries run out. Sonoda takes Largo off for a drink. Miho, displaying a head for heights, holds an internal monologue that'll fuel speculation by the fans, and turns her attention to Ping.

Piro has again wandered into a book store to consult Shojou and becomes so absorbed as to miss his drawing lesson with Yuki. To apologize, he phones her, but this call is interrupted by Miho, returning Ping and noting her need for a bath. Largo is indignant at Miho's presence and pleased with his new job as a TPCD operative.

Largo's conscience, Boo, has been documenting his adventures with Post-It notes. Closing strips introduce us to the CEA backoffice and hint at Asmodeus having a new plan to fight Seraphim.

Chapter 4

See Chapter 4 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Largo builds a B3owulf cluster. Miho arrives to take Ping to the public baths and she invites Piro and Largo. Seraphim is ambushed by Belphegor, but Asmodeus's bath disruption plan delays too long. After the bath, Miho and friends stop by the Magical Cake bakery where Piro finally learns of his past connection with Miho. Largo hurries home in paranoia.

Yuki spends the day depressed. Asako's repeated - annoying - antics can't relieve Yuki's suffering. So Asako and Mami confront Piro directly, warning him not to hurt her. Kimiko meets with her agent to go over her contract, then meets the Lockart team. Many of Yuki and Kimiko's strips are done in the megatokyo moment format of 4-koma, which is only seen in Chapter 4.

Boo is re-equipped for a rescue mission. He neutralizes the cat, but still hasn't freed Seraphim before Asmodeus returns. We are left with a dark shadow on whether Seraphim is rescued.

Dom purchases some CDs at MegaGamers, providing details of Erika's past in Girl Phase, while upstairs Largo returns to his cybnernode, halting the Hayasaka Erika Fan Club's initial entrance on their mission to confirm Erika's presence. Their digital attack meets some success when Largo reaches his credit limit. Despite the bath, Ping still suffers from sneezes and evil shelving. Kimiko provides Piro with first aid before Ping, who also gets distracted by Ed's third attempt on her, which Erika intercepts. Kimiko gives Piro a signed sketch of Kotone by Ryoya Sayuri. An otaku finally penetrates MegaGamers, but is stopped by Largo, much to Erika's surprise.

Yuki arrives for her drawing lesson, but on seeing Erika again, hesitates. Her brother Yuuji then shows up, establishing Erika's identity to Yuki. She aborts her lesson. While Piro eats a bentou on a park bench, he receives a call from Miho for some more teasing. A Seraphim in a different outfit appears to give Piro surprising advice.

Chapter 5

See Chapter 5 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Kimiko has script issues during her first recording session as Kotone, setting up the pattern of pain for Matsui while Sayuri defends her.

Erika brings coffee and donuts to the boys' apartment while a crowd gathers. Piro goes downstairs and discovers the crowd has gathered, hoping to find Erika. Erika warns Largo from defending her, but first she slips and then his hand does. Junpei enters and soon carries Largo off to the school. As a substitute teacher, Ed sets up his fourth attempt on Ping, which Largo's arrival delays. Largo leads his class on their first test.

While Yuki and Miho are both skipping classes and talking about Piro, Asmodeus and Boo find Seraphim in the park. Not long after we see her giving advice to her client, it's revealed to be a sister.

As Erika prepares herself to appear to her fans, despitegreat trepidation, Largo brings his class to test against the fanboy crowd, but while still learning how to best use them, Ed fires at Ping, prompting Erika to step outside and initiating a riot in which Piro is hurt. Erika lays down her rules for Largo. With Erika taking Piro inside for first aid, Largo continues defending until Kimiko arrives. As the riot dissipates, allowing Inspector Sonoda to kick Largo off the TPCD. Largo (and Junko) are told much more about Erika's past.

Inside the store, Kimiko takes over first aid of Piro, freeing Erika to return outside and warn the TPCD away from Largo. Miho arrives to comfort Ping. Largo gives his class a final lesson, only to have Miho give a dissent.

Erika and Kimiko start to talk about recent events but Yuki crashes the party. Erika retreats even further, leaving Yuki to ask surprising questions. Yuki again declines her drawing lesson. Kimiko and Piro flirt and clean the store while Largo finds his own way of comforting Erika. They end the work day with a bentou dinner supplied by Yanagisawa.

We end with Seraphim at the CEA backoffices fixing issues with her sisters' interference. The possible sideplot of multiple Seraphim isn't broached again after Chapter 5.

Chapter 6

See Chapter 6 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Largo teaches Erika how to assemble a computer, plus shopping tips. Piro shows jealousy at the progress of Largo's relationship with Erika. Erika leaves to go computer shopping while Largo stalks behind. Ping invites Piro to Miho's club, the Cave of Evil. Piro accepts, not having other plans.

Kimiko's recording is going well and she discovers she's booked on Aoi Mumu's radio show that night. She calls for Erika, but Piro answers and comforts her. When she calls back to thank him for his support, he lets voice mail pick it up while he goes in search of Erika. Ping tags along and Junpei is pressed in to help.

While shopping with mixed results, Erika is approached by Dom, only to have Largo intercept him with a Muffin Cart. Meimi shows up and assumes Largo is dating Erika. The pair soon pretend as if they are. Afterwards, Erika blurts a challenge which Largo declines.

Piro, still coming to terms with Largo and Erika's growing attachment, talks with Ping over pie. Back at MegaGamers, Piro can't summon the courage to call Kimiko and then Miho makes a call to him, offering to allow him to listen to Kimiko's show at the club. As Piro and Ping head for the Cave of Evil, Largo follows. While Piro listens to the radio show, Ping comforts, thinking that Kimiko rejected him. Miho's chat with Largo goes agley and when Miho attempts to coerce a response from Largo, Piro interrupts. Ping was prepared to help Piro, but Miho asks and receives her comfort instead.

While on the radio show, Kimiko takes exception to Mumu and Shigeo's condescension regarding otaku. Kimiko walks away in the belief that she handled it poorly. Her call to Piro leads to her arrival to help. Largo runs and she skillfully catches him. Piro and Kimiko have a long talk on the ride home, ending with her offer to call her Kimiko.

The evening ends for Kimiko when she arrives home and must also comfort a sullen Erika. Yuki spent the day shopping and is horrified to find her brother has an interest in her rival!

Chapter 7

See Chapter 7 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Chapter 8

See Chapter 8 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Chapter 9

See Chapter 9 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

Chapter 10

See Chapter 10 for a more complete overview, including references to strips.

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